Darkness God Corps
Name Darkness God Corps
Aliases Dark God Squad
Captain Yusuke
Vice Captain Vormal
Troops 7 Members
Country Fonclanc
Affiliation Palace Knights
Status Active
The Darkness God Corps, one of the cornerstones of the palace’s military.

The main mission of the darkness god corps is to patrol the commoner district, lending an ear to what the citizens have to say. As they patrolled the district every day and spent time walking with the inhabitants, it also helped to alleviate any uneasy thoughts from forming.

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Recruitment Edit

There are a lot of excellent soldiers who want to become members of the Darkness God Corps. There are cases of knights from other palace corps submitting requests to be transferred to the evil god corps. A soldier could not be a member of every force simultaneously, so there were many transfer requests coming in from all over the place. Well, every last one of them is after the equipment that Yuusuke can provide his subordinates with.

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