Layout Edit

Yusuke firstly created the passages and rooms for the basement that would serve as the foundation of the fortress. The fortress was then created with a drawbridge in front.

In addition, stables and other sorts of facilities were created. Finally a stone lookout tower rose above the fortress and the entire area was enveloped with a defensive ditch.

By combining and customizing the bed frame with the floor of the roof passage, Yusuke made a telescope installation. It was a Kepler Telescope, which had an expected magnification of about 30 times. By adjusting the focus and stabilizing the frame, he was able to observe the water catchment that had form which surrounded the fortress. Using Yusuke's telescope the soldiers stationed atop of the fortress have been tracking the movement of the wind arts scouts without difficulty and were all amazed by the performance of it. It was the first time that they had seen this telescope which could overwhelm the distance of the ones used by the reconnaissance commanders. He made another 5~6 of these.

Army Edit

120 knights and service personnel were sent to be stationed at Deernook Fortress. The highest in command within this fortress was Yusuke who is the captain of the Royal Knights, while the second in command was Hivodir, the squad commander for the god corps.