Gazzetta a mountainous country ruled by the powerless king, Shinha Truiyard. Most of Gazetta is in a rugged mountain range, and their largest city is near Blue Garden. They train their “powerless warriors” there. Gazzetta aims for the revival and prosperity of the white clan empire. In order for them to make it real, they have to collapse the divine artist society and destroy the world in which the divine artist dominate.

On the surface, for the sake of keeping its appearance, Gazzetta pretended to adopt the caste system in the cities where divine artist lived. That was necessary to seamlessly merge into this world while striving for the goal of the white clan behind the scenes.

An old clan village hidden in the Gazzetta mountains, home to the White Clan. The village looks more like a small fortress than a village, stone buildings neatly arranged around the environs. At a first glance one could mistake it for a secluded mountain village. In this small group of buildings, one house set itself apart from the rest, as its disposition was more akin to a shrine than to a simple building.

Gazzetta’s mountains are dotted with countless villages that have their own soldier training grounds.

The military town in the hinterlands, this town is different from the white clan village, where only the royalty and those close to them gathered. It was a town of the common people of the white clan.

The city that was currently a capital of Nossentes used to be a gigantic fortress of the white clan. However, that was around two thousand years ago. The white clan was chased over into the area that became Gazzetta. But during its peak, the white clan was a gigantic empire that spanned over half of Kaltcio.

Majority of the borders of Gazzetta is next to Nonsense.


Artless soldiers, who were the descendants of the white clan, are masters of armed combat.