Profile Pic Izapnar
Biographical Information
Name Izapnar
Gender Male
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Blue Garden
Artist Type Water Artist
Rank Supreme Leader Officer
Character Information
Manga Debut Chapter 13

Supreme Leader Officer, Izapnar

When the founder of Blue Garden died, Izapnar his devoted close aide, was appointed an official guardian of the then sixteen year old queen until her official enthronement. Izapnar worked diligently, and through his devotion, the emerging country became a major power on par with powerful nations like Fonclanc. For his deeds, people started to worship him as a symbol of Blue Garden. Thus the support he received from the masses was enormous. Izapnar, using the sense of impending danger and fall of a country that people felt after their king’s death, started to carry out a secret project in order to protect the country from its neighbors. He hastened the construction of the defensive fortress Paula, which purpose was to protect the country from Fonclanc. During this construction project, his faction steadily became the center of the political world of his country. Although former royalists and palace officials expressed concern regarding his rapid rise to power, they avoided criticizing him and believed and supported him as he had the trust of the royal figurehead, Rishause, and carried the authority of the king. Around the time of the queen’s enthronement, it came to light that Izapnar’s loyalty lied with the late king and not with the princess. A vague shade of ambition could also be felt from his actions. However, as she had no one to rely on, Rishause could only treat him as former king’s loyal retainer.

  • Vormest: Vormest is the captain of Blue Garden's elite fire troupe. Izapnar seems to rely on Vormest and values his thoughts and input on most situations.