As the white clan was the core organization in Gazzetta, they had to remain in the background and had difficulties moving in the open, so they also had to resort to peaceful actions.

History Edit

In ancient times, when the evil god that descended to Kaltcio, he had become the source of prosperity for the white clan, although this evil god had also lead their clan to their downfall. This evil god had called himself “Wizard” and had a body of a man.

In the world that was controlled by the white clan, those with ability to use strange arts were a minority and they were treated as second rate citizens and mockingly called “colored.” The colored worshiped the four great gods who, they believed, had given them their powers. The evil god himself, however, had called that power “magic.”

The colored had called themselves the divine artist and gradually rose to power. Finally, the white clan was driven off to this region.

Another humanoid evil god that had descended before the Wizard, was a monster clad in human flesh. This monster had culled the colored with his power, reducing their numbers to a dwindling minority and providing the white clan with their chance to flourish. The monster’s statue, enshrined in the shrines of the artless all over the world, was based on the shape of this creature.

Customs Edit

According to the mission that was passed on to every king of the white clan since the ancient times, when an evil god descended, the king himself would have to go and confirm the existence of the god.