Biographical Information
Name Zeshald
Gender Male
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Fonclanc
Artist Type Water Artist
Occupation Doctor
Rank Divine Arts Chief

Royal Divine Arts Chief

Character Information
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Former royal head divine arts instructor of Fonclanc, and the current instructor of the elite divine arts users in Blue Garden, Zeshald.

He is middle age man, he has blue hair and eyes.

Zeshald was first seen wearing a pair of green mixed with welfare-like muddy wavy trousers, a pair of brown boots, a comfortable looking white shirt with a mantle-like jacket.

He spent three decades traveling around various countries, researching the calamity god.

20 years ago when Esvobus has not yet been crowned. Zeshald used to travel together with Esvobus.

Zeshald’s mastery of divine water arts outperforms even the elite of the palace, the Water God Corps.

Despite Zeshald’s divine arts belonging to the healing type, his mastery of the arts allows him to reverse the effect and use it to damage the flesh. He can strangle the blood vessels of his enemies.

The fact that Zeshald had mastered the healing arts, and on top of that, the effect of the sacred treasure added on, allowed him to display a miracle type of healing not known to the world of water arts in history. A burnt wound caused by fire arts which would normally take more than 10 days to recover, was instantly healed without leaving a scar.


Yuusuke presented Zeshald with the bracelets and rings that he made. They were made from the leftover materials from what was used to create the sacred treasure, which was turned over to Blue Garden. Despite that, their power is roughly a third of the said treasure. Zeshald gave a pair of accessories to Belushya. The accessories that Zeshald kept for himself increased divine arts and physical powers while Belushya’s increased respective resistances of their wearer. Both rings also had healing and poison resistance effects.

  • Water God Corps: There were a lot of people in the palace that were taught by Zeshald before. Almost every healing type water arts user, belonging to the elite water god corps, looked up to Zeshald as their teacher. If Zeshald were to be caught and brought to the palace, these retainers would doubtlessly protest and appeal against this decision.
  • Tagami Yuusuke: Zeshald has decided Yuusuke is a transcendent existence that will judge this world. He believes that Yuusuke will surely base his decision on the information he has obtained. Hence, he wants him to know many things about this world.

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